Making the best of your investment plans

This is one of the most popular services McCrea Financial Services provide.  For clients who have been newly introduced to us we have an initial no cost no obligation meeting where we discuss how we can provide assistance and help.  With your agreement to proceed we then obtain information on all your existing benefits, policies, investments and pensions.  We also fully review all the benefits provided to you through your employment and discuss with you your priorities and future goals.

Once we have received all the required information we discuss this with you in detail and this allows us to work with you to prepare and finalise your financial plan. We also offer an annual review service where we meet existing clients to update their plan with current valuations and review whether there have been any changes to your circumstances or priorities.

How we can help

Once all the information regarding your existing arrangements and contracts has been received, we will provide you with a detailed, easy to understand summary and discuss with you how these compliment your financial aims.  We can also help by providing an on-going investment management service by constantly tracking the performance of all major funds and investment management groups. 

We maintain a continual dialogue with the leading providers and contrast this against external research to give you impartial, balanced and considered advice.

We will ask you how often you would like us to review your financial affairs.  It will take place automatically every twelve months, but can be more regular if you would prefer.  It means you do not have to worry about your finances as you have ongoing professional help at hand.