Steven Hurley


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Steven Hurley

Day-to-day life at McCreas

My day-to-day work can vary a good deal which is great as it allows me to learn about more aspects of the business which I otherwise might not.

I assist Jonathan, our Pension & Investment Specialist, in the generation of Final Salary Transfer Reports; I provide Management Information to Lesley-Anne, Douglas and our Accounting team which includes Remuneration and KPI data; I work alongside the two Claire's and Jenny (three of our Senior Administrators) on a range of Administrative tasks which includes helping clients with their queries directly.

Life before McCreas

Before working at McCreas I worked for Renfrewshire Council doing Project Management and Administrative work. This work kept me going after the completion of my Masters in Applied Economics and while I sought practical experience in Financial Services to complement my academic work. I was also able to study CII exams and work towards professional qualifications.

Favourite thing about working for McCreas

Our focus on looking after clients – which is not something I entirely understood when I started working here. Sometimes that can be as simple as helping an older client with their car insurance. Sometimes it can be as complex assisting in arranging a client’s affairs to ensure their wishes are carried out.

I still have a lot to learn about how best to look after our clients, but delivering that, as well as working alongside like-minded colleagues whom I can learn from, is one of the best things about working at McCreas. 

Out of the office

I enjoy reading on a range of topics on my spare time including history and philosophy. It's an excellent way to decompress and relax after a full week's work.

I thoroughly enjoy travelling around Scotland to visit sites of historical and cultural interest as well as natural beauty including the Isle of Arran, the Cairngorms and parts of the East Cost - although this has taken a bit of a back seat to studying for my professional qualifications.

I always find it difficult to write about hobbies and interests - I feel it only really gives me the opportunity to reflect on how boring I am!

Fun fact

After completing my Post Graduate studies I was in dire need of a job. For about a year, I worked for Renfrewshire Council as a Lollipop Man, a School Janitor and Security Guard until they took me on to do Project Management.

I’ve heard from my peers that careers can take strange turns –I understand that better than they expect!