Advisory and Management Team

Hercules Michail

Trainee Independent Financial Adviser

0141 572 1340

Hercules Michail

Hercules has recently joined us here at McCrea and is currently being trained to be an Independent Financial Adviser, so that in the future he will be able to provide financial planning advice and assistance to McCrea clients.

Day-to-day life at McCrea

Each day is different, the same way that every client and their needs are different. That being said, a typical day would consist of me working closely with other advisers and the paraplanning team with the goal of helping clients achieve their financial goals. Furthermore I am currently working towards obtaining the Chartered Financial Planner designation.

Life before McCrea

During my late teenage years I swiftly realised that I wouldn’t grow physically beyond my current height and thus came the end of my (short-lived) basketball career. Instead I opted to grow mentally and pursue a career in Financial Services. I studied Economics at Heriot-Watt University and some 5 years ago I embarked on my journey in Financial Services. Prior to joining McCrea I worked in Portfolio Management at Charles Stanley & Co and as a Protection Adviser for First Mortgage Direct. 

Favourite thing about working for McCrea

The people! Since day 1 everyone here has welcomed me with open arms, been incredibly patient to my 1000 + 1 questions (I have a curious mind!) and have helped me get settled in. It is a genuine privilege to be a part of such an astonishing team, and it’s easy to comprehend why all of our clients are thoroughly impressed with our level of service.

Outside the office

I am a family man first and foremost, so the majority of my time is devoted to my daughter, whether that is at a park or the beach, or going to the cinema to watch the same movie for the third time (the things we do for our kids, eh!). Apart from that, you can frequently find me dabbling either at a football pitch or a basketball court.

Fun Fact(s)

I have three cousins called Hercules and I can speak 5 languages.