Mortgages and Remortgages

Whatever the reason for mortgage finance, McCrea Financial Services can assist. We have assisted our clients in a very wide range of mortgage scenarios due to our expertise and experience with any situation to hand.

We have been able to help a young couple who were unfortunately splitting up reach an amicable settlement with one of them staying in the property. Another client wanted to remortgage their current property to a buy to let, to release a deposit for a new build purchase.

One client had seven different mortgage “pots” all with the same lender, so heavy were their annual statements that they could recognise it coming through the letterbox by the thud it made on the welcome mat. The clients admitted that they didn’t know exactly how much they owed on their mortgage as it was so complicated. This was remedied quickly with a remortgage to a far lower rate and one pot only, meaning they knew exactly where they stood.

Finally, an elderly client was referred to us by a longstanding client. She needed funds to assist in the repairs of her flat in a sandstone block. There were only three flats in the block, so her share of roof and other repairs was not inconsiderable. The building was listed, and there was also no common insurance policy, and the current condition of the property made it almost impossible to arrange finance. However we managed to secure a short term, second charge mortgage to fund the crucial work to make the property acceptable for mortgage purposes. This and the original mortgage were both cleared with an interest only equity release mortgage, with further funds available to finish the complete renovation of the property including a new kitchen, bathroom and central heating, which had never been fitted to the property. This enabled the client to dramatically cut her outgoings, and live comfortably in a flat she had lived in for 60 years.

As you can see, we go above and beyond the call of duty to assist our clients with their mortgage needs.