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Click…here? Ditch jargon filled online applications and let McCreas be your guide. Whether paying the bills or switching suppliers, we routinely head online for many of our financial transactions; but when it comes to mortgaging and protecting your home, working with an experienced and knowledgeable local expert provides true peace of mind.

The rise of online banking and comparison sites mean mortgage applications are just a click away. Promises of instant decisions and minimal form filling can make it all too tempting to rush into deals that seem too good to miss.

With your home almost certain to be among the most financially valuable and emotionally involved purchases you will ever make, it’s worth talking to an independent expert like McCrea Financial Services to make sure there is no sting in the tail of a deal that really was too good to be true.  

Applying for an unsuitable mortgage can have serious repercussions. From denied applications making a dent in your credit score (and therefore your success in future applications) to a new mortgage saddling you with hidden fees or restrictive conditions, the costs can be high.

Many home buyers are attracted to price comparison sites, hoping to scour the entire mortgage market to find the right deal. Many of the best deals, however, will elude these buyers, as most sites show only a selection of products from a selection of lenders, and few can offer the exclusive deals and benefits that come from dealing with a specialist like McCreas.

Specialist advisers can offer the most comprehensive selection of products on the market, and as an independent company will be working to find the best deal for you, not the most lucrative commissions for the comparison site.

At McCreas, we use sophisticated mortgage sourcing systems to access the most up to date deals on the market. We’re made aware of new mortgage deals before they are available to the general public, and we also have access to mortgage deals which you won’t find online or by going directly to a lender.

Are you looking to fix your monthly repayments, or keen on the security of an interest rate cap? Do you plan to take on a buy to let property, or to use a long-term investment strategy to pay off an interest only mortgage?

A McCreas adviser can help find the ideal mortgage and other products for your needs, helping you delve deeper than headline interest rates to understand the crucial conditions and caveats that will protect you for years to come. With certificates in Advance Mortgage Advice and Equity Release as well as an Advanced Certificate in Mortgage Advice, you can rest assured that McCreas are among the most qualified advisers in the country.

With professional help gathering and submitting all the required information, and exclusive access to many of the best deals on the market, working with McCreas can be the fastest and simplest route to peace of mind when mortgaging or re-mortgaging your home. As a full service financial services firm, McCreas can also offer a full review of your financial affairs, and devise a repayment plan that could see you save years – and a significant sum – in paying off your mortgage.

You will receive a free no-obligation consultation with McCreas, putting you face to face with an expert in the field. So the next time you find yourself needing to navigate the complex world of mortgage products and financial protection why not let McCreas be your guide?

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