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McCrea Financial Services and British Heart Foundation

Charitable causes are extremely important to McCreas as we recognise that we have the opportunity to be able to give something back as well as being able to help raise the profile of our nominated charities. 

They can also benefit from the generous fundraising efforts of our clients, staff and friends.

This year we are supporting the British Heart Foundation Scotland and will undertake a number of challenges and events over the course of the year to raise as much money as we can.

In recent years we have raised nearly half a million pounds for our nominated charities, and we don't intend to stop there! 

You can follow us on twitter @mccreafs or keep up to date with our news section to see more.

To donate to British Heart Foundation Scotland, simply go to the McCrea Financial Services Virgin Money Giving Page

Introducing British Heart Foundation Scotland

McCrea Financial Services & British Heart FoundationMcCrea Financial Services and British Heart Foundation Scotland

The British Heart Foundation funds around £100m of new research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them. 

Research has given us machines that can restart hearts, the ability to fix arteries in tiny babies, the power to give someone a heart they weren’t born with, and so much more. 

But heart and circulatory diseases still kill more than one in four people in Scotland. They cause heartbreak on every street.

Conditions like heart diseases, stroke, vascular dementia are all linked by your blood not flowing properly.

The British Heart Foundation’s research might start with the heart, but doesn't stop there. Their research is unlocking the connections between heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors.

There are 700,000 people living with heart and circulatory diseases in Scotland. That’s more than double the number living with all cancers and Alzheimer’s combined. It costs the NHS around £800 million a year.

This month in Scotland, 2,100 people will go to hospital because of a heart attack and 25 babies will be diagnosed with congenital heart defects. Around 1,440 people will lose their lives to heart and circulatory diseases, of whom 400 will be under the age of 75.

In the West of Scotland, £21m is being invested in vital research. British Heart Foundation has six Centres of Excellence across the UK, two of which are in Scotland (Glasgow & Edinburgh).

At the Glasgow Centre of Research Excellence, Professor Rhian Touyz and her team are hoping to come up with ways to prevent heart attacks using innovative research approaches.

Our support will help Glasgow scientists to investigate blood vessel damage caused by chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes, root causes of heart and circulatory diseases. Researchers are using cutting-edge technology to study blood vessel damage, and find ways to repair or treat them.

As ever, our team will be throwing themselves into efforts to support our new charity partner.

Some of this year’s events include a Race Night, a golf day and Wine Tasting dinner as well as some of the McCreas staff putting themselves through their paces in a few very physical challenges. 

You can donate to our campaign any time from today right here!