Action for Children Scotland

Childhood and growing up should be wonderful but for many it's not. Action For Children is on the ground in Scotland, making children's lives better: helping with fostering and adoption, as well as intervening early to stop neglect and abuse. The charity influence policy and advocate for change, with over 7,000 staff and volunteers operating over 600 services, improving the lives of 370,000 children, teenagers, parents and carers every year. Their motto is doing what's right, doing what's needed, and doing what works for children. This is why Action for Children Scotland has been helping the young and vulnerable for over 148 years. 

Last year alone, Action for Children helped over 14,000 children young people and their families across over 80 services in communities across Scotland. 

The children and young people who Action for Children support face the most difficult problems in life. Some don't have the basics, from the love and care of family, to regular routines or the guidance that children need to grow into healthy adults. Others have to overcome physical or emotional challenges ; Action for Children help them fulfil their potential by providing services to support their needs. 

Speaking out fearlessly to make sure all children have the best start in life, Action for Children advocate for change on three key priorities:

  • Support for children and families   
  • A fair deal for young people
  • Tackling child abuse and neglect



Action for Children Scotland provide services to look after and accommodate children and young people, carers, children affected by parental drug and alcohol misuse and families at risk. 

The charity provide residential breaks and support for young people with disabilities and their families, as well as employability support for young people who are not in education, employment or training and work with young people who offend or at risk of offending.

To find out more about Action for Children Scotland and the work they do please visit their website.  If you would like to make a donation to them, you can do so by clicking here