Making the correct decisions.

How times change!  Years ago everyone was talking about retiring early and leading a life of leisure.  Now the government are deferring the date we will receive our state pensions and people are living longer.  Pensions have had a fairly bad press over the years however there are excellent Pensions available – it is just knowing which ones they are!  The vast majority of people will be unable to live on the state pension in retirement therefore it is important people plan well ahead.



Traditionally, most people have simply taken their pension income from the company that their pension has been saved with.  However, in many cases, this means you get a poor deal.  At retirement there are many different options that should be considered that can make the difference between a basic or comfortable retirement.

How we can help

Retirement can be the best time of your life – and you can enjoy it with our help.   People tend to save throughout their working life in order to enjoy their retirement.   As you approach retirement there are many different options.  Some people work part time, others retire fully.  Income is usually a concern as people are entering into the unknown having been used to a weekly or monthly wage in some cases for 45 years or more!  

We will help you review all the options available – whether it is choosing the most tax efficient way to draw your income through to choosing the type of annuity and which company to buy it from. 

There can also be other concerns at retirement – Is inheritance tax going to be an issue, are you getting the best rate on your bank savings and are your savings and investments appropriate now you are no longer working. As independent advisers, we can ensure you are receiving the best deal and one that is appropriate for you and your families retirement needs.

If you'd like to make an initial free no-obligation appointment to establish or review your plans, you can contact us by email or by calling the office on 0141 572 1340. 

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