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Know anyone bonkers enough to take on an IronMan event in their own garage? With some lockdown improvisation, this means a 5km row to get the shoulders working, a 180 km bike ride on the turbo trainer and running a marathon on the treadmill for one of our directors Jonathan Campbell! Elaine Hamilton thought she'd better step up to provide a bit of (virtual) moral support. Read the full story here.


Whilst it is an undoubtedly difficult time for the mortgage market at the moment for those seeking to buy or move house, remortgage product rates are still competitive. Looking at your options could offer homeowners due to remortgage the chance to save money. Read More...

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Our latest client update covering what's happening with meetings, how to stay in touch with our team and news from the current financial environment that we felt was most relevant to you. More...


Government guidelines mean property moves and mortgages are understandably all severely restricted at the moment due to the current public health crisis. Our mortgage team are keeping a close eye on the situation and speaking to lenders to establish what can and can't be done at present. If you need some advice or would like to speak to one of our team, please read more ...

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The latest news on what has been happening in the financial world which may be useful as well as how to get in touch or stay in touch with the team here at McCrea Financial Services.

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Useful information from the Mortgage Market Alliance about the current mortgage situation to help borrowers and those looking at their payment options. This also highlights at what point your mortgage adviser can help to decipher your best next steps. More ...

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Latest update for clients on Thursday 19th March looking at the suspension of property funds and mortgage payment holidays as well as how to stay in touch with the team at McCreas.