Approach Retirement with Confidence, not Confusion

Retirement can be the time of your life, but many people spend the last few years of their career feeling daunted at the prospect of such a significant change to their finances.

It can be hard to feel confident about your retirement when it feels like there are so many unknowns. If you’re close to paying off a mortgage, should you release equity, remortgage to make longed-for home improvements, or sell up and relocate? Will you take a lump sum from your pension, what is the most tax efficient way to access your heard earned savings, and how much income are you likely to receive? What plans do you have to make any financial gifts to your loved ones, and how will the timing and amount of these impact any future Inheritance Tax liability?

It’s natural to have questions about your retirement.

We can help you find the answers.

Our pensions specialists are independent and accredited to the highest level. Together, we can establish detailed financial plans to help you enjoy your retirement in the way you want to. From modelling your income based on different retirement dates and methods of drawing on your savings to illustrating the most tax efficient ways to maximise your retirement income, we can provide clarity and confidence. We can also hunt down pensions you may have lost track of, examine your portfolio and, taking time to understand the latest rules and regulations, advise on any switches, consolidations or cash-ins you could benefit from.

You’ve worked hard for your retirement. Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation to find out how we can help you approach it with confidence.