For People Like You

We have a number of case studies for you to look at which provide an insight into the different types of financial planning we work on for clients.  This will give you examples of the kind of approach we take, how we work closely with you to understand your circumstances and existing financial arrangements and how we help you determine the best course of action for your needs.

As well as looking at your life stage and the kind of financial planning you might consider, we also provide 

some insight into our financial advice for businesses and business owners as well as our work with charitable organisations and professional athletes. 

Whether you are looking retire early, manage your pension and investments, protect yourself and your family from financial difficulty or need to get a mortgage in place, we should have examples here of how McCreas have helped People Like You.

What Would You Do With A Windfall?

We've all dreamt of a lottery win - for one lucky client, this dream became a reality.

Find out how we used these winnings to secure the clients financial future, while leaving some money free for fun.


Getting Your House in Order for Retirement

Retirement is changing, and as our healthy life expectancy increases, many of us are looking forward to an active and prosperous retirement that feels very different to those experienced by our parents and grandparents.  

Find out one couple managed to achieve this with McCrea, after taking advantage of their free no-obligation consultation around eighteen months before they hoped to retire.


First Time Buyers

Are you trying to get your foot on the property ladder, but can't seem to get a deposit together whilst renting?

Find out how two of our young clients recently managed to do just that.



Dreaming of an Early Retirement?

People often daydream about the possibility of early retirement but don't seriously investigate their options.  For many, you may have pension contributions as well as savings and investments but they might not be working for you as hard as they could.  

Often, as in the case here, a simple consultation was all that was needed to demonstrate how making some adjustments, managing allowances and utilising any spare funds could allow for a comfortable retirement many years sooner than our clients had considered possible.


Consolidating your Pension Pots

It’s great to see people taking more interest in their retirement planning but as Jonathan Campbell points out it is a subject that needs to be investigated properly and thoroughly before any decisions are made.


Selling Your Business

When you’ve spent decades building and running a business, you need advice you can trust when the time comes to move on.

Our clients, a husband and wife who owned and ran a successful dental practice, came to us for guidance and support as they were considering selling the business.

Find out how he helped them prepare for and execute the sale of their business and move towards a well-earned retirement. 


Critical Illness Protection

Most financial planners will have clients who stick in their minds when you talk to them about the things they have done that have made a difference to their lives. Douglas McCrea is no exception. “For me it was a couple of brothers, long-standing clients of ours who have both had heart attacks and have both had payouts on their critical illness policies we set in place for them. One actually had his while he was playing five a side football and decided he had better go in goals for a while because he wasn’t feeling too great.” 


Young Family

A couple were referred to us after we had successfully assisted one of their Mum and Dads. They were looking for their first property purchase. While they had a level of protection in place through one of their employers, Mr was self-employed with no protection. It was at this point we introduced the concept of not only buying the house, but also being able to keep it should the worst happen to either of them. Being parents to a 2 year old also made this vitally important.


Flexible Planning Helped Manage An Unexpected Redundancy

We can plan ahead and prepare for many things in life such as setting up pensions and long-term investments to provide a steady income for our retirement, but sudden events like a looming redundancy can come out of the blue when least expected.

Taking a few important steps, including consulting one of our Independent Financial Advisers can make it much easier to cope with an unexpected change in circumstances.

Read our case study about two of our clients who did just that, and how we helped here