Maintaining your quality of life

Retirement can be the best time of your life and you can enjoy it with our help.

People tend to save throughout their working life in order to enjoy their retirement and as you approach retirement there are many different options to consider.

Some people work part time, others retire fully.  Income is usually a concern as people are entering into the unknown having been used to a weekly or monthly wage in some cases for 45 years or more.  


We can help you review all the options available – whether it is choosing the most tax efficient way to draw your income under the new flexible rules through to choosing the type of Annuity and which company to buy it from.

There can be other concerns at retirement - Is Inheritance Tax going to be an issue - do you want to make gifts to children or grandchildren - if so can these be done in a tax efficient manner. Are my savings and Investments still in the best place now am I no longer working?