Critical Illness Protection Round-Up

In recent weeks, we have focused on the importance of why critical illness policies exist alongside other life insurance and general protection products and have produced a round-up here of all the information which will hopefully be of use to you.

You can read both our recent articles, the first on establishing what critical illness protection is and how it fits in with other policies and the second on the different types of policy available for consideration.

We also featured a case study about two brothers who co-owned and ran a small family business and for whom, critical illness cover became a key part of their overall financial planning as both became ill from a heart attack at different times. 

Doug Hall, one of our advisers, writes a regular monthly column for Scrum magazine, and as a former rugby player with Glasgow Warriors, Edinburgh and Scotland, knows all too well about the dangers of injury and the need for insurance protection which he talked about in last month's edition.

Finally, we have some details on the website about the various types of personal and business insurance protection which you can see here, including detailed information on critical illness cover to download.

If you would like to clarify your own existing insurance cover or discuss options,  McCrea Financial Services can offer an initial, free-of-charge consultation with our insurance protection specialist.  Simply email us or call the office on 0141 572 1340 and we will be pleased to make an appointment for you.