Specialist Advice for Professional Athletes

One of the areas McCrea Financial Services has developed over the years has been that of niche specialist financial advice.

Two areas in particular which have grown as a direct result of our involvement in sports sponsorship and charity fundraising are the provision of relevant financial advice to professional athletes and to charitable organisations.

Recently Douglas McCrea was interviewed by New Model Adviser about our approach and the advisory services we have developed for professional athletes in particular.  

With short-term contracts, a range of overseas and UK based clubs pro sportspeople might play for and a short career term to consider, the approach needs to be very adaptable.  

Our growing client base supports our understanding of the needs for professional athletes and the time they have available to run their financial affairs.  If  you think this is an area directly relevant to you, please do contact us by calling on 0141 572 1340 or emailing us to get a free initial consultation set up.