Watch our Kris Doolan 100 Interview with your Questions! #ASKDOOLS

Kris Doolan recently scored 100 goals for Partick Thistle and as part of the recognition for his fantastic achievement, we met with Kris and posed some of the questions submitted in our #AskDools competition.

Find out more about Kris' pre-game rituals (including the pre-match meal he hates but eats every time), what it felt like to score four goals in one game and more!

Our thanks to everyone who submitted a question for us to pose to Kris.  We selected our six favourite questions, five of which appear here whilst we will also be chatting to Kris about his fantasy football Jags team (past and present players) which will be coming soon.

The questions featured here were submitted by Tommy Healy, Gordon Hannah, David Little, Alison McGhee and Ally Kerr!  Thanks again for taking part and our sincere thanks to Kris Doolan and Partick Thistle Football Club for their time and contribution.

You can also see who Dools selected as his all time fantasy football team selecting those he has played alongside during his time at Thistle here.