'Golf 25 Marathon' Charity Challenge Completed!

On Tuesday 28th May, Head of Marketing Ross McCrea set out at 4am from Glasgow on a ‘Golf 25 Marathon’ Charity Challenge, where he attempted to play a hole at 25 different golf courses in one day, in and around the ‘Home of Golf’, St Andrews.

32,317 steps, 287 miles driven, 11 bogeys, 6 lost golf balls, a few absolute disaster holes and exactly 15 hours after teeing off at Carnoustie at 6.21am to putting for another bogey at Dunfermline at 9:21pm, Ross had completed his Golf 25 Marathon Charity Challenge!

A huge thank you for the incredibly generous donations, as Ross managed to raise £2,512 in total for Revive MS Support and Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity! 

The day got off to both a promising and disappointing start, with the sun shining a birdie-putt at 6.30am on the Carnoustie 18th turned into a bogey which seemed to be a foresight of the day ahead. Some nice shots at Elie Sports Club and Elie Links Golf House Club meant it was disappointing to leave Elie scoring 1 over between the two holes, with a few good chances missed.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse at Leven Links (course 12) to Lochore Meadows (course 20), with the heavens opening resulting in Ross getting completely soaked, with three of the courses actually being closed with a few photos below; thankfully Ross was able to still play the hole although as you’ll see by the scorecard, the scores weren’t the best!

More birdie-putts at Burnstisland and Aberdour came and went without any success, having to settle for pars at both. A great photo taken of the 2nd at Aberdour over the water, sadly there wasn’t time to play the extra hole however hopefully a return to the course is on the cards in the future.

A hook on the last tee at Dunfermline followed up by a nice chip on to the green gave Ross the chance to finish with a Par; unfortunately like most of the day, he left the putt short, tapping in for a bogey finish at 9.21pm.

As every golfer knows, a list of excuses for a poor round always goes a long way for trying to keep a bit of your pride, so the list of excuses for the day were:

  • 4 hours of sleep due to a delayed flight the evening before
  • No golf glove used at Ladybank where a 9 was scored on a Par 4
  • Very wet glove used for half of the other courses
  • No time to look for lost golf balls
  • Everything else apart from admitting to being a very average 23 handicapper

A massive thank you to everyone for their support and donations; if you would like to donate and haven’t managed to do so yet as we aim to raise £25,000 for each of our two charity partners, you can do so on our Revive MS Support Just Giving Page, or our Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity Just Giving Page.

A huge thanks to all 25 courses for their help across the day in letting Ross play a hole, particularly the three courses that were closed due to the rain, and a special mention to Carnoustie Golf Links who provided Ross with a personalised hat and golf bag tag for Ross to remember the day by!