Have You Planned your Business Exit Strategy?

Business Exit Planning is an extremely crucial part of business owners and major shareholders planning strategy, even though it is often overlooked. 

For many business owners, their dream when selling their business is to instantly access their pension benefits at their selected retirement age, providing them the funds to live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible - especially if there have been no previous careful considerations for savings, investments and pension strategies as well as planning to reduce tax liabilities. 

How we can help 

Our expert financial advisers, in conjunction with your existing business professionals; possibly your accountant and solicitor, can help you plan to achieve your goal of a comfortable lifestyle during retirement.

Initially, we would assess the business and the key risks. A review of your existing plan would also be required. This may include succession planning for your family, trade sale, management buyout, wind up or hiring a trusted management team to run the business whilst still retaining your shareholding, which would hopefully produce dividends.

We would also advise you on the bigger picture allowing you to consider the interaction of the business with your existing retirement income plans, inclusive of your savings, investment and pension planning. This will highlight the business exit planning options available to you, the tax-efficient ways of extracting cash and most importantly, planning your long term goals. 

Why not contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation to start planning your Business Exit strategy?