Is 60 The New 40? How To Reimagine Your Finances At Any Age

Whether it’s the ability to hop on to a low-cost flight for a bargain mini-break or our ever-present smart devices connecting us to seemingly limitless information and resources, there’s no denying that many of us live lives that would have been unimaginable to our parents and grandparents when they were our age.

Improvements in healthcare, sanitation, workplace safety and housing have helped to boost the average UK life expectancy, which jumped from 77 in 2000 to 81 in 2020. Combined with changing attitudes to age and ageing, some suggest that for those who enjoy good physical and financial health, ‘60 is the new 40.’

Changing with the times

A recent article on Rest Less highlighted some of the factors behind claims that 60 is now considered merely middle-aged: 46% of over 60s claimed to feel fitter than their parents had been at a similar age, with 10% asserting they were more energetic than their own children. Later marriages, later child rearing and later retirements all contribute to a changing perception of age, with over half of those surveyed believing old age to start at 76, and almost one third believing it to begin at the age of 80.

Flexible finance for every stage of life

Many of the traditional milestones in life, such as weddings, raising and educating families or buying a home are happening later, happening for a second time or being replaced with other ambitions for people of all ages.

Retirement, too, is changing, with many people choosing to retire early, stay in employment past pensionable age, return to the workforce in a new role or invest in a business venture.

In the face of so many options, it pays to ensure a flexible financial foundation. Our specialist independent advice can help you design a personal financial plan to support the lifestyle you want now as well as the long-term ambitions you have for yourself and your family.

Building a healthy pension pot will allow you to retain as many options as possible when it comes time to design your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. Whether your State Pension is years or even decades away, we can help you design savings and investment strategies to allow you to relish your retirement, and advise on the most tax efficient ways to access your hard earned funds.

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