Savings and Investment Reviews

There are many factors for consideration for individuals and businesses considering their medium and long-term financial situation.  With everything from the annual budget and political shifts in the country through to changes in your own circumstances, it makes sense to consider a regular review of your savings and investments plans.

McCreas’ will work with you to help establish your capital requirements for emergencies and short term expenditure with advice on the best cash rates available to help generate better returns, taking into account the current financial environment.  For funds not requiring access in the short to medium term, we would discuss your aims and objectives for these monies and look at the various options available to you with particular emphasis on investment risk.  What the current climate demonstrates is the need to find diversity with investments by allocating money in a wide range of funds and assets which can help to spread the risk. 

Getting good quality advice at outset is vital and so too is ensuring that your plans are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain appropriate for you whatever the circumstances.  At McCreas’ we will work with you, providing regular updates taking a ‘hands on’ approach.  Find out more here or contact us for an appointment via email or by calling 0141 572 1340.