Savings and Investments

Making The Most Of Your Savings

It is becoming increasingly more important for individuals to make the most of their existing savings and investments.  With bank interest rates in the UK having been at historic lows since 2009, the returns you can achieve from bank savings are very poor and many people are seeing the ‘real’ value of their money being eroded by inflation.

There are many types of savings and investment vehicles to choose from.  Where you invest your money will depend on your attitude to investment risk versus reward, length of investment period and future aspirations. You can invest for a number of objectives including capital growth, income, tax efficiency or inheritance tax mitigation.

How We Can Help

Before we recommend any savings and investment advice we discuss with you all the options and ensure we are clear on what you are looking to achieve with them.  The comprehensive research we carry out analysing these options allows us to work with you to ensure the Investments recommended are the right ones for you.   Our job is to know what is available and ensure the portfolio of products and funds we recommend are appropriate to you, your goals and requirements. 

At McCreas we have our own investment panel which selects the leading funds from different investment sectors and companies.  Our recommended portfolios are reviewed regularly to reflect the changing market and economic conditions.  


With over £200 million under management, we have been able to negotiate preferential deals for our clients where 100% of your investment is invested for you on the majority of Investments and Pensions with no initial charges deducted. This saves our clients substantial sums at outset on their Investment Portfolios. Our regular review service also ensures you are kept updated and confirms you are in good hands.

If you'd like to make an initial free no-obligation appointment to establish or review your plans, you can contact us by email or by calling the office on 0141 572 1340. 

The value of investments (including property) and the income derived from them may go down as well as up. 

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