Charitable Investment Services

Expertise in Charitable Investment Services and Financial Plans for Professional Athletes

Douglas McCrea and the team at McCrea Financial Services have worked particularly hard over many years to develop skills and expertise in two key areas, that of Investments for Charities and in working with Professional athletes who often have a short career by comparison with most other vocations. 

We provide Investment management for a wide range of charitable organisations throughout the UK and Ireland and specialise in assisting charities conduct investment reviews and we have considerable experience in working with charities in this respect.  Our charity clients require specialised investment advice and all the work we carry out is fully compliant with charity legislation.

For Professional Athletes we recognise that your financial planning requirements may vary somewhat from people in occupations earning a regular and increasing salary over a long period of time.  Our skill is in understanding and working with athletes  as you develop your career, move from club to club (and contract to contract) to determine at any given time, which aspects of financial service will be most important to you.  Our aim is to ensure that you have the knowledge and advice to maximise the financial returns in your sporting career and ensure your long-term stability as you consider your future opportunities, aims and objectives.

McCrea Financial Services is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.