Considering Home Improvements

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Ways To Make Your Home Work Best For You

Whether you want to extend or upgrade your current property to suit your family’s changing needs, or carry out home improvements to add value before a future sale, releasing equity could help you transform the home you have into the home of your dreams.  Faced with housing market uncertainty, moving costs and the disruption of changing school catchment areas, many families opt to stay and improve their current home rather than looking for somewhere new.

With such a significant change in the way we work brought about by the impact of Coronavirus and lockdowns, there has been a real need to ensure 


you have the best arrangements in place to work effectively.

The idea of working from your kitchen table seemed much more appealing when it was only occasional!  With cabins and garden offices fast gaining popularity, more and more people are unlocking the value in their home to fund home improvements, even if they haven’t yet paid off their mortgage. Why not ask us how using some of the equity in your home could be released to help you make the home improvements you've been considering.

How We Can Help

Rising property prices over the years mean many homeowners have significant value locked up in their homes. Equity release allows access to this value without the need to move out of your home. It does have implications for what you’ll be able to leave to your loved ones after you’re gone, so it’s important you discuss your options with an expert.

At McCrea Mortgages, we pride ourselves on delivering a personalised service, so we’ll work with you to find out whether equity release is the best solution in your circumstances, compared to other options such as borrowing on a mortgage to fund your home improvements. 

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll use our independent, whole-market access to find low interest rates for you to take advantage of, and help you integrate your equity release with the rest of your financial planning.

From refurbishing a kitchen or bathroom to adding that home office, conservatory or extension, using equity release to fund home improvements could see you living in your ideal home without having to enter the property market. Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation on whether releasing some of the equity in your home could help turn your home improvement dreams into reality.    

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.