Looking For A Mortgage


Helping You Get Prepared

For most people, their mortgage is probably the largest financial transaction they are likely to undertake and getting independent mortgage advice is now more important than ever. There are hundreds of different mortgage products available and the choices at times can be confusing. This is where we can help – We can offer an honest and unbiased assessment of your needs and recommend the most appropriate deal which is individually tailored to your circumstances and requirements.


Most comparison websites have some form of best buy table for mortgages which looks helpful. However, these may not provide the full picture in terms of large arrangement fees and hefty tie-in penalties for example. At McCrea we can help and after a full review of your personal circumstances will suggest what product options suit your needs, how long you have to repay it over, when it will need to be reviewed and many other important considerations. Why not have a read our of Mortgage Brochure for more details on how we can help?

How We Can Help

After careful consideration of your complete financial situation, goals and aspirations, we can recommend which product and method we would advise for efficient repayment of your mortgage.

At McCrea Financial Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to constantly review all aspects of your finances, from investments to mortgages, protection and pensions. We look at your mortgage not only as a loan to buy your home, but as part of your overall financial profile, in order that it ties in with your intended retirement date, when you plan to start a family, when you want to move home or other important life events.

Fixed, tracker, discounted, capped, arrangement fees, portability, redemption charges, help with costs, flexibility, offsetting – these are just a few of the options available. Not to mention the repayment method, will you repay the capital on a monthly basis, or build up funds elsewhere to repay the mortgage in its entirety at some point in the future?  This is where McCrea Mortgages can help and guide you through the mortgage market.

If you'd like to make an initial free no-obligation appointment to establish or review your mortgage plans, you can contact us by email or by calling us on 0141 572 1340. 

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.